Mattress Review and Comparison 2018

woman sleeping

Remember when the Duxiana Bed ads started running back in the 1990's? We all thought he Swedish the company was crazy thinking people would shell out upwards of $7,500 for a bed. But then we all began to listen and pay attention to the health reports. We humans spend about a third of our lives in bed, much of that third sleeping or at least trying to. So why skimp on something so important? Why treat the approach to selecting your mattress and sleeping the related 'sleep set-up' like you're buying a pair of socks? Sleep,we now know, is an essential part of health, happiness and overall well-being. Lack of quality sleep has been linked to heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer and a whole list of other health problems. Ask any doctor and he or she will tell you how important it is to get a good night's sleep. This mattress comparison is not as detailed as the one located here, but it is a good summary of the options available to mattress shoppers.


We tested these mattresses by sleeping in them, usually for 2 or 3 nights, but in certain cases, only 1 night. We looked for comfort for back and side sleepers, the ability of the mattress to keep the body cool by wicking heat away from the sleeper's body, and how well the mattress distributed shifting weight so sleeping partners could remain undisturbed. We tested foam, adjustable air and spring coil designs. For the Duxiana bed we spent 2 hours in a showroom. And so, an industry historically and traditionally controlled and dominated by the local warehouse guys running ads on local radio and TV is now officially disrupted. The days of delivering the new and disposing of your old mattress being the incentives that seal the deal are over, and 100 day trial periods and high-tech comfort layers, individual comfort zones, cooling fabric and memory foam and 'In a Box' delivery services are in. There has never been a better time to be a mattress shopper. So, we spent a lot of time and money trying out and testing out all of the new mattress offering out there and have the results are in.


This American company offers premium, luxury 'coil on coil' mattresses made in the USA and a 120 day home trial. The Saatva mattress comes delivered to your home, and they offer a 'white glove' set-up option so you don't have to deal with the mess. We set it up ourselves. The mattress material features an organic cotton blend, a steel coil base support system, European style pillow top, individually wrapped comfort coils, dual perimeter edge support system and lumbar support enhancement. For $999, this is a great bed at a reasonable price and is made in the USA.

Loom and Leaf from Saatva

This is Saatva's memory foam bed, and it features the same white glove setup and removal service that you get with the Saatva bed. Memory foam mattresses generally costs more than other mattresses in a box, and the Loom and Leaf bed promotes its 'affordable memory foam' technology. And with a 120 day trial period, we like this option even more. This bed works well for both back and side sleepers, and offers excellent support where you need it. We also like the fact that these mattress are made in the USA.


Casper has three main models: Wave, Casper and Essential. The Wave is the higher end at $1,900 for a queen size, the Casper is next at $900 for a queen, and the Essential come in at $600. We tested the Casper and really liked it. This bed touts 'zoned support', and you can feel it when you lie down on it. For side sleepers, too much support in the shoulders and hips can be uncomfortable, and this solves that problem. At a comparable price of the Loom and Leaf, this is an excellent option.


The Dux bed was by far the most expensive bed we tested at roughly $7,500, and is probably solely responsible for creating the 'Bed in a Box' industry. Now, you get get this kind of comfort for much less, which in the end is what this is all about. There are over 20 miles wire making up coils in each mattress, which explains the lofty price tag. This Swedish company has been in business for over 85 years, and is a pioneer in the premium mattress industry. The have showrooms in large cities where you can test out their mattress.

Tuft and Needle

$400 or $570 for a Queen seems like a good value, and it is. But we tried this mattress and while it is comfortable, it just isn't in the same league as the others on the market. This bed uses adaptive foam to adjust to your body and sleep position, and has a generous 7 inch support layer. It also uses a graphite cooling gel to keep the body cool, as foam mattresses tend to retain more heat than others. A great mattress for the price and offers free shipping and returns, a 100 night trial and a 10 year warranty.

Sleep Number Bed

The sleep number bed is designed for individual setting for each sleep partner. You may prefer a firmer mattress, while your partner likes a softer mattress. This bed resolves this problem by using Responsive Air technology to adjust and inflate an air bladder for each half of the bed, with a setting from 1 to 100 that can be adjusted with a pair of handy remote controllers. I sleep in one of these beds and have never changed my setting from 100, the firmest possible, so it is unclear, at least to me, why someone would want a firm mattress one night and softer mattress the next. These beds range in price from $1,000 - $4,500, with the higher end models having thicker comfort layers and a higher bed height. As result there are various levels of financing for qualified sleepers, and a generous 25 year warranty, a 100 day trial period and a home delivery and set-up option. This bed also tends to be cooler, so for sleepers who like staying cool, this is a good option. In my opinion, you should try all other beds before getting a sleep number bed to make sure the Responsive Air is for you.


This mattress features a unique, rubbery elastic polymer top comfort layer on their mattress that cushions where you need it and supports where you need it. This is a feature that side sleepers would like to learn more about. The mattress cover itself is made of polyester and lycra, which is breathable and stretches, and also helps keep the body cool by wicking away body heat during the night. The Purple mattress comes with a 100 night guarantee, and only costs $1,000. And the clever marketing folks have featured Goldilocks in their YouTube video which is both entertaining and informative.


With free shipping, lifetime warranty and a 1 year money back guarantee, this $400 - $600 memory foam mattress is a great option for someone who needs a new bed quickly without taking on much financial risk. It runs a bit warm, so that is a consideration. And it is only a mattress, so you'll need a frame.



Most normal people with no back or health issues can really can't go wrong with most of these beds and mattress options, but it is important to know the basics on pricing, technology and cooling capabilities before you buy. A more detailed breakdown can be found here for those who want a more complete side-by-side breakdown. But trust your instincts and shop around. Returning a bed is real pain in the neck (no pun intended) so it is in your best interest to shop around before buying.