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Live in a cool climate? You may not get enough D from the sun and may need a supplement, esp. if you use sunscreen http://bit.ly/AlC06J

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Healthy Habits: How-Tos

Get a Flat Belly -- Without Exercise!

Crunches aren’t the only Rx for a flabby belly. Find out how you can slim down and beat bloat without breaking a sweat.

Bring Summer Indoors

Brighten up your home with these easy décor update ideas from Pinterest

Road-Trip-Friendly Snacks for Kids

Healthy, portable and fun treats to keep kids happy while you’re driving

5 Foods You’ve Never Grilled … But Should!

If figs and lettuce don’t usually come to mind when you think of grilling, here’s why you may want to reconsider.

5 Secrets From the World’s Healthiest Countries

Get inspired from the daily habits of some of the healthiest countries of the world.

Tricks to Help You Feel Full

How to fool your brain into thinking you couldn’t eat another bite

Spend Your Money on Happiness

Studies show that spending money on experiences makes people happier than buying material things.

Do You Know the Signs of Gum Disease?

Get the lowdown on how to spot symptoms of gum disease, so you can get it treated.

Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Give into your carb cravings with these healthy whole-grain choices

Avoid a Dirty Dentist

Safeguard your health with these three simple steps.

Amp up Your Workout Today!

Try these simple strategies to get better results -- in less time, and just in time for summer.

Cut Back on Added Sugar

Sneaky sources of sugar could be the reason your scale won’t budge

Crow’s Feet Begone!

You don’t have to give up laughing and smiling in order to keep around-the-eye wrinkles at bay.

Better Nutrition: Have a Hearty Winter Soup

Soup is an easy choice when the temperature drops, but hidden fat and calories can be tough on your diet. Here's how to ladle up without filling out.

5 Flu-fighting Vitamins You Need This Winter

Fight winter colds with these top immune-boosting supplements.

Look Thinner in Seconds!

Dress your way slim with these flaw-concealing fashion strategies.

Build Better Relationships

Personal connections make life meaningful. But when a problem arises, it can wipe the smile from your face.

30 Seconds to a Healthier You

These quick DIY body scans just might save your life.

Party Drinks That Damage Your Teeth

Stay away from these surprising smile-destroyers.

7 Stress-busting Holiday Shortcuts

Get it all done in much less time -- without feeling frazzled.

The Cure for Yellowing Teeth

You don’t have to suffer with dingy, yellow teeth. Here’s how to get a sparkling smile again fast.

The 6 Worst Cocktails for Your Health

Steer clear of these diet- and teeth-saboteurs the next time you’re grabbing drinks.

6 Winter Hazards to Be Ready For

Have you winterized your family yet? Take these precautions before it’s too late.

How to Exercise Outside

New research shows that those who exercise outside are healthier and happier than those who don’t. Here’s how to maximize the benefits.

How Healthy Is Your Mouth?

Dental expert Mark Burhenne shares the four keys to a healthy mouth.

Best Spices for Your Health

Try these new spices to make your meals taste amazing -- and boost your health.

Eat out for Less

Enjoy a restaurant meal -- without breaking the bank or packing on pounds.

BPA: Is There Danger in Your Kitchen?

The toxic chemical BPA could be contaminating your containers, cans and more. Here’s what to look out for.

5 Home Remedies for Common Cold Symptoms

Beat the cold and feel better fast with these natural home remedies.

5 Small Changes for a Healthy, Happy Life

Has your daily routine become a little too routine? These simple healthy life tricks will help you shake things up for the better.

Sneaky Diet Spoilers

Could you be sabotaging your weight loss -- without even knowing it? A top nutritionist reveals some surprising diet-wreckers.

Train Your Brain -- Get Smarter Now!

Here are some simple ways to stay sharp -- or get even sharper -- as you get older.

Your Dream Body: Real Shortcuts From Top Experts

Boost your confidence now with these beat-the-clock secrets from top experts.

The Worst Germ Hot Spots in Your Car

Do you know what they are? Read this before you hit the road this summer and fall.

8 Ways to Shake up Your Summer

Stuck in a rut? This carefree season is the perfect time to shake up your routine. Here's a list of adventures to try for a happiness kick and wide smile.

8 Best Health Apps for Your Summer

We’ve done the legwork for you: Here are the 8 best health apps to improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being this summer.

5 Tricks for Healthier Summer Hair

Here’s how to battle back against humidity, heat, chlorine and sun, sun, sun.

Do You Have Garlic Breath … Without Knowing It?

Here are some foolproof ways to freshen up fast.

6 New Uses for Old Toothbrushes

Time for a new toothbrush? Save your old one from the trash and reuse it with these fun and easy tips.

Summer Party Foods That Can Make You Sick

Follow these tips to enjoy picnic season and stay healthy.

Your Most Strenuous Summer Workout: Walking

Yes, walking can give you a real workout. Just follow these tips to boost its intensity.

Teeth Whitening at Home: 6 Do’s & Don’ts

You can have a bright smile fast with at-home whitening strips. Just be sure to follow these six simple do’s and don’ts.

Skinny Summer Cocktails

Order one of these smart choices the next time you’re out with friends.

Pack the Perfect Lunch -- Every Day!

Eating well at the office doesn’t have to be expensive or feel like a chore. Here’s how to pack healthful, delicious lunches that save you time and money.

Grow Your Own Veggies This Spring

It’s easy to start your own garden and enjoy the delicious (and healthy) results. Here are five veggies to grow.

Are You Wearing the Wrong Running Shoes?

Follow these tips to find the best shoes for you -- and avoid running injuries.

4 Surprising Habits for a Healthy Heart

Do you know these easy ways to help your ticker going strong?

Get Ready for the Beach Now

Before you know it, it will be time to bare (almost) all at the beach. Try our tips to get your body into swimsuit shape by summer.

5 Ways to Green Your Cleaning Routine

Avoid harmful toxins while making your home shine.

How to Make Any Dish Healthier

These simple tricks will help boost the nutrition profile of your favorite foods.

5 Smart Moves to Prevent Workout Pains

Don’t let soreness or an injury sideline your fitness routine. Learn how to keep aches at bay.

5 Biggest Oral Health Mistakes

Think you take good care of your teeth and mouth? Read this and decide.

5 Good Fats You Need to Eat Daily

Add the right type of fat to your diet and you’ll boost your health, mood and energy.

How to Sleep Better

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Our sleep expert, Dr. Ana Krieger, show you how to sleep better tonight.

5 Tricks for Post-holiday Cleanup in a Flash

Who says the fun has to end on January 2? These post-holiday cleanup tricks do double duty, helping you tidy up your house and bring the holiday spirit into the new year.

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