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Live in a cool climate? You may not get enough D from the sun and may need a supplement, esp. if you use sunscreen http://bit.ly/AlC06J

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Healthy Habits: How-Tos

Get a Flat Belly -- Without Exercise!

Crunches aren’t the only Rx for a flabby belly. Find out how you can slim down and beat bloat without breaking a sweat.

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Bring Summer Indoors

Brighten up your home with these easy décor update ideas from Pinterest

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Road-Trip-Friendly Snacks for Kids

Healthy, portable and fun treats to keep kids happy while you’re driving

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5 Foods You’ve Never Grilled … But Should!

If figs and lettuce don’t usually come to mind when you think of grilling, here’s why you may want to reconsider.

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5 Secrets From the World’s Healthiest Countries

Get inspired from the daily habits of some of the healthiest countries of the world.

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Tricks to Help You Feel Full

How to fool your brain into thinking you couldn’t eat another bite

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Spend Your Money on Happiness

Studies show that spending money on experiences makes people happier than buying material things.

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Do You Know the Signs of Gum Disease?

Get the lowdown on how to spot symptoms of gum disease, so you can get it treated.

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Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Give into your carb cravings with these healthy whole-grain choices

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Avoid a Dirty Dentist

Safeguard your health with these three simple steps.

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Best Running Gear for Women

Training for a 5K or marathon? Don’t hit the road or trails without these race-day essentials

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Great Gifts for Dad

Whether he loves gadgets or golf, these gifts will show Dad you care

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Swimsuits That Flatter Every Shape

Cover your derriere, trim your tummy or add volume to your chest with the right bathing suit

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Backyard Grilling Essentials

5 must-have BBQ tools and accessories to make cooking and cleaning up a breeze

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Affordable, chic ways to tell Mom you love her

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Boston Marathon Charities: How to Help

Safe ways to give back to victims of the bombing

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5 Real Food Snacks

Delicious ways to sneak more fruits and vegetables onto your plate at snack time

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5 Waistline-Friendly Drinks

Looking for an alternative to soda and fruit punch? Sip on these all-natural beverages instead

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Get-Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

Take the grunt work out of your prep with these must-have kitchen tools for eating healthfully

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Inspiring Fitness Finds

Motivating fitness apps and workout gear to get you moving

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How much does your weight fluctuate in a year?

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