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Live in a cool climate? You may not get enough D from the sun and may need a supplement, esp. if you use sunscreen http://bit.ly/AlC06J

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CY’s own Nancy Kalish picks the best new products you should know about.

Team-themed candies
For a sweeter Super Bowl

Whether you’re rooting for the Giants or the Patriots, the Super Bowl will be more fun with these customized, team-themed candies!

Cost: $10.99 for 7 ounces at MyMMs.com

Stay warm all winter

These inexpensive, feather-light tees, turtlenecks, camis, leggings and more from the hip Japanese company are made from a special material that generates and holds heat while absorbing moisture and counteracting odor. Available for both men and women.

Cost: $13-$20 at UNIQLO.com

Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump
Keep germs out of your soap

One of the germiest spots in your home can be the pump on your soap dispenser. To the rescue: This hands-free pump senses when you place your palm under it and releases just the right amount of soap. It can be used for lotion as well.

Cost: $35 at Simplehuman.com

Lip Line Perfector
Invisible help for your lips

No more worries about matching your lip liner to your lipstick. This cool pencil is colorless yet defines lips, keeps lipstick from bleeding, and generally perks up your pout. Our verdict: a great beauty investment.

Cost: $18 at Sephora.com

Cable Monkey Cable Organizer
Monkey around with your computer cables

This cute brown rubber primate with its extra-long arms will grab all those messy cables on your desk and finally organize them for you.

Cost: $6 at ThinkGeek.com

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