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Look Thinner During the Holidays

By: Aly Walansky

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Ack! The holidays are here, and you never got around to losing those last 5 (er …10) pounds. How do you look your best and save the work for later -- especially when there are dozens of family photos to pose for? Here are some quick tricks that really work!

1. Embrace shape wear.
I know no girl -- size 2 or size 20 -- who doesn’t have a secret (or not so secret!) arsenal of these life-savers. Whether you need to smooth bulges or firm that tummy (at least until you get undressed), you can slip into Spanx’s Higher Power brief, or, if you want to go the glam route, try these half-slips from either Frederick of Hollywood’s  or Felina Women’s.

2. Pair pointed toes with your ensemble.
Legs look slim and sexy in skirts or dresses paired with a shoe that has a tapered toe and a thin heel (the higher, the better). The two will work together to extend the narrow silhouette of your calves.

3. Show some skin on top.
This was an accidental discovery for me. If we rock a V-neck, the open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.

4. Tan yourself.
Who cares if it’s almost December? Get a spray tan -- or take a weekend getaway somewhere sunny! Tanning helps diminish any imperfections and creates a head-to-toe glow!

5. Wear one color.
Tops and bottoms of the same color create an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look thinner and taller. No need to go dark -- any color you pick will look great, so go for your most flattering shade.

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Aly Walansky is Completely You’s beauty and lifestyle blogger. She also blogs at her own blog, A Little Aly-tude, and writes about beauty, fashion and travel. Her work has appeared on many websites, including MyGloss.com and SheKnows.com.

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