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How to have the best first impression for a date

Fresh breath and a white smile can help you make a great impression on a first date. Join Melissa Brown from It's Just Lunch, as she talks about these and other tips for having a great first date.

Avoid Dating Disasters with these First Date Tips

Going on a date? Heres how to avoid turn offs like bad breath and other common first date disasters!

Job Interview Tips: Avoiding the Common Interview Pitfalls

Problems like bad breath can spoil your chances in an important job interview. Take these job interview tips into account to avoid this and other job interview disasters.

How to make a great first impression on a job interview

First impressions can make or break an important job interview! Check out these tips on how to ensure your first impression is a good one, including how to make sure you have a sparkling white smile.

How teeth whitening works, Myths about teeth whitening

Join cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Cantor, as he dispels common myths about teeth whitening and whitening products, including side effects, effectiveness, and safety.

How teeth whitening and bleaching products work

Ever wonder how teeth whitening products work and whether they are safe? Join cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Cantor, as he explains the whitening process and how to maintain your pearly whites!

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Fight back against bad breath! Join Dr. Brian Cantor, as he shares his expert advice and tricks on how to get rid of that bad breath now!

How to choose a whitening system

Discover how teeth whitening products work, how they differ and how to successfully choose the best whitening system for you!

How to remove stains from your teeth

Food and drinks such as coffee, red wine and tea are known to discolor your teeth. Learn how to remove stains from your teeth with affordable over the counter whitening products.

How to have a beautiful smile on your wedding day

Every bride wants a radiant smile on her wedding day! Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Cantor, shares tips on how to whiten and brighten your smile so you look your best on your very special day.

How to solve the most common denture problems

Are you considering dentures, or are you already wearing them? Here are five typical denture changes and the important tips for overcoming them.

How to Get a Healthy Mouth in 3 Easy Steps

It's imperative to teach your whole family how to lower their risk of health issues such as gum disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes with a healthy diet, good oral hygiene, and regular dental checkups.

How to take care of your teeth during pregnancy

Join Dr. Brian Cantor, as he discusses several health concerns and preventative measures to ensure pregnancy doesn't negatively impact your oral health care.

How To Brush Your Teeth

Learn how to brush your teeth properly with both manual and electric toothbrushes. Careful not to brush too hard!

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