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Great Gifts for Dad

Whether he loves gadgets or golf, these gifts will show Dad you care

Hit straighter and farther with Callaway’s HEX Black Tour balls, ranked by Golf Digest as a gold-medal golf ball. Though the price may seem steep for a dozen golf balls, aficionados say the ball holds up and improves your game enough to make them worth your money.

Callawaygolf.com, $39.99 

For dads who love to tinker, this pocket-sized multi-tool features stainless steel blades that can be accessed without opening the tool. It also comes with three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers, metal file and wire cutters. What else does Dad need to feel like he can fix anything?

Llbean.com, $45 


If your dad loves kicking back in his recliner with a good book, look no further than Stephen King’s latest novel, Joyland, a story that combines elements of crime, horror and the supernatural. Set in 1973, the book details a college student’s summer job at a small-town amusement park, where he is forced to confront death in many bizarre ways.

Amazon.com, $7.77


Whether your dad has always enjoyed a good road trip, or spends more hours behind the wheel because of his job, make his drive one he relishes. This hands-free kit easily connects to his iPhone and allows him to control phone calls, his music library and navigation system by using Bluetooth technology. No more distracted driving keeps Mom happy, too.

Amazon.com, $159.99

Your dad clearly needs a system for the myriad remotes that he has cluttering the coffee table. So, why not find a universal remote that everyone in the family can understand? Enter the Beacon, which converts his iPhone into a simple remote control for his entire entertainment system.

Griffintechnology.com, $69.99

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