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Live in a cool climate? You may not get enough D from the sun and may need a supplement, esp. if you use sunscreen http://bit.ly/AlC06J

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Completely You editor Linda Rodgers picks the best new products you should know about.

Save on your energy bills

Want to be green and thrifty at the same time? Get this plug organizer. The silicon strip attaches right below your outlet and its knobs keep plugs and wires tidy. When it’s time to shut off your appliances, unplug them too -- and save money and energy.

A classy way to shine
If you want to get your sparkle on this New Year’s but aren’t a fan of loud glittery nail polish, try one of these subtle metallic nail shades. Our fave: Cloud Nine.

Cost: $10

The perfect gift for the book lover in your life
Here’s a cute reading lamp. It gives off a cozy glow that’s strong enough to read by and doubles as a bookstand when you’re done.

Unleash your whimsical side
Tired of all those smudges on your tablet or smartphone? Get one of these little microsuede mitts from Unplugged Goods for your finger and never worry about a dirty screen again.

For your next Chinese takeout
If you never got around to mastering chopsticks, here’s a solution. There’s a tiny spoon and fork on one end of these wooden eating utensils, and standard chopsticks on the other. Take your pick and dig in.
$9 for a set of two

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