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Healthy Habits: How-Tos

Look Thinner in Seconds!

Dress your way slim with these flaw-concealing fashion strategies.

Trendy high-waist pants with straight legs that skim over the hips and thighs flatter most figures.
Be sure the pants’ waist hits at, or just below, your natural waist to avoid the bunching of fat otherwise known as muffin top. Pair these slimming trousers with high-heeled shoes or boots to lengthen your legs.

Bulky fabrics add pounds.
If you’re always cold at the office, forget chunky knits and opt for thin but toasty cashmere, merino and lambswool sweaters instead. These delicate fabrics will add a touch of business class to your professional image. 

Think like an artist!
Unlike dark colors, light colors make objects look larger. If you are pear-shaped, choose jeans, pants and skirts in darker colors. Pants with back pockets help break up the landscape, so to speak. (But avoid those with buttons or flaps, which add bulk.) If you are top-heavy, go for simple tops in darker tones. Avoid high necklines; deep-v necklines will help minimize a large bust.

Go monochromatic.
Black is slimming, but so is any flattering shade worn head to toe, to create a long, slim line. Having full-length family photos taken? Wear tights or stockings in the same color as your outfit. Shoes or boots should be the same color or in a harmonizing shade to complete the illusion.

Buy your correct size.
Wrong-size clothes call attention to what you are trying to hide. Look for body-skimming styles in colors that flatter your complexion. When buying shapewear, bring your measurements with you to the store. If shapers are too tight, they can create bulges by compressing your flesh instead of smoothing you out.

Focus on your assets.
Look for dresses and jackets with figure-shaping seaming that hugs your waist and bust in a flattering way. Avoid clothes that are boxy or flowing as they visually add pounds.

About the Writer
Gracey Hitchcock
 was a founding editor for Vogue Russia and a feature writer for Russian Elle. She has contributed to a variety of national newspapers and magazines and is the founder of the weekly online magazine, DolceDolce.com.

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