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Bring Summer Indoors

Brighten up your home with these easy décor update ideas from Pinterest

Joan, who writes the For the Love of a House blog, likes to give her mantel a summer update. To mimic her look, replace heavy dark objects over your fireplace with objects that reflect light, such as these antique mercury glass candlesticks, a crystal matchstrike and an oversized mirror. Incorporate beachy items, like shells and coral, or pieces of driftwood.

Bring the beach to your next dinner party with these easy and elegant centerpieces, from paperyandcakery.com. They require nothing more than a bucket of sand, two vases, a half dozen tiny taper candles and a handful of shells. To make sure your candles stay standing, put a few drops of wax into the bottom of the vase and press each candle into it until hardened before adding the sand. 

For a tranquil, spa-like feel, accent a neutral bathroom with shades of sea glass, like this. Fill vintage apothecary glass bottles with sprigs of flowers or herbs from your garden. On the floor, place a chicken wire or wicker basket with old hardcover books in shades of blue, green and aqua. From rustic-crafts.com.

Welcome guests with this simple foyer refresh that tells visitors that this is the place to relax and unwind. On a bench or console table, place nautical items, like a life preserver ring, sailboat or rolled up maps. Overhead, hang a beach sign or vintage chalkboard with your favorite summer quote, such as this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, Drink the wild air.”

Bedrooms are meant to be dark and cozy in the winter, but for summer, you want your nighttime abode to feel, crisp, clean and light. Instead of a total overhaul, try this idea from Coastal Living: Swap out your comforter for a white chenille quilt and bright colored accent pillows. Opt for pale curtains, too. Add minimal décor that favors fresh-cut flowers, colored glass vases, and whimsical beach-y décor, such as ceramic seahorses or anchors.

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